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Touch-Needs Aqua Doll

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Aquatic training demonstration doll



The Touch-Needs Water Baby demonstration doll is specifically designed for aqua-baby teachers who wish to use a realistic tool during instructor training programmes and for parent classes. The weight of the doll allows for a realistic demonstration as the doll floats in water like a baby.

  • Realistic facial features with a relaxed, happy expression
  • The size of an average 3 month old baby
  • Soft bodied middle, including the arms (to below the elbows) and the legs (to below the knees)
  • Sealed weight bag in torso

(Please note - The design and structure of the water doll make it a good demonstration tool for teaching Aqua-Baby classes. However, water environment is as important to our water babies as it is to real babies. Our water dolls' material is more durable than our other dolls, but will perish rapidly if subjected to a high level of chemicals in the water and/or if not left in a dry environment between swimming sessions. As we are unable to control the water environment the dolls are subjected to during swimming classes (with chemical levels varying from pool to pool), we are unable to take responsibility for premature disintegration of this product and once submerged in water we are not able to take responsibility for condition of the doll.)