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Junior Lifeguard Academy Resource Manual

Price: £20.00


Resource manual



The STA Junior Lifeguard Academy resource manual is a comprehensive resource for all Junior Lifeguard instructors wishing to deliver a high quality, motivating and exciting lesson to learners aged from 8 years (for the aquatic programmes, learners must be able to swim 50 metres continuously unaided).

The manual is to aid understanding and enhance the quality of learning for the instructor and learners.

The full colour manual contains:

  • Tick sheets for recording learners' skill development and progression towards each award
  • Worksheets and answer papers for the Junior Medic element of the award programme
  • Introduction to key lifesaving skills for the Junior Lifeguard Academy programme
  • STA policies and guidance for use with Junior Lifeguard Academy programme

Notably the manual is available either printed on standard high quality paper or on waterproof paper, facilitating usage either on or off poolside.



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