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STA Code of Practice

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Swimming teaching reference document



There is often confusion and a lack of understanding with regards to what regulations, legislation or recommendations swimming teachers should and should not follow. To support and clarify these aspects for our members, we are incredibly proud to offer the STA Swimming Teaching Code of Practice.

This document clearly states, the requirements, qualification competencies, teaching ratios etc. for an STA swimming teacher. For ease of use we have colour-coded the document so you can easily find the specific section you require.

The Swimming Teaching Code of Practice is essential for all STA swimming teachers who have insurance through Ault/Swimsure Swimming Club.

Please note: Apart from some amendments to the baby swimming policy on pages 38-40, all the policies and procedures within this document have not been updated and should already be implemented. The policies and procedures have simply been collated and are now in one accessible document.

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A free PDF download of this publication is also available from STA Online.