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Baby Anne

Price: £228.00


Baby Anne



Designed as a realistic and affordable manikin for paediatrics, the innovative Little Baby QCPR gives objective feedback through in-built technology as standard that takes the guess work out of instruction! With the Little Baby QCPR, you can instil confidence in your Learners in administering rescue breathes, chest compressions, and in treating choking. The Little Baby QCPR manikin also cries once the obstruction has been cleared to give a full and realistic training scenario.

Working in conjunction with an instructor app, this innovative manikin allows you to monitor and coach life-saving CPR to six of your students at once – all from the palm of your hand! Whilst providing a fun and engaging way to promote learning and motivation, Little Baby QCPR also helps to improve the quality and efficiency of CPR training, meaning your learners get platinum standard first aid training.

Learners are also able to measure their own performance with the new QCPR Learner App. Designed to support quality CPR, this fantastic app works in conjunction with all QCPR manikins and gives live and summative feedback on compression rates and depth, straight to their electronic device!

The 3-month-old Little Baby QCPR includes further features, such as:

  • • Head-tilt with open/locked airway
  • • Feedback on hand positioning
  • • Visible chest-rise on ventilations
  • • See and feel the baby’s ribs
  • • Landmarks, nipples, breast tip
  • • Limbs with realistic movement
  • • Durable construction with realistic length and weight

Comes as standard with:

  • • 1 Little Baby QCPR Manikin
  • • 1 Airway
  • • 6 Manikin Wipes
  • • 1 Manikin Jumpsuit
  • • 1 Soft Pack Carrying Case