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Photometers and Reagents

5 in 1 STA Photometer

The next generation in pool water testing

Pool-i.d. DPD 1 Photometer Tablets

Pool-i.d. DPD 1 Photometer Tablets

Photometer Glass Vial

Glass vials for use with the STA Photometer - Pack of 10

Pool-i.d. Comparator

Pool-i.d. Comparators provide you with access to professional water analysis.

Pool-i.d. DPD 3 Photometer Tablets

DPD 3 photometer reagent tablets.

Pool-i.d. Phenol Red Photometer Tablets

Pool-i.d. Phenol Red Photometer Tablets, Pack of 100

Pool-i.d. CYA-Test Photometer Tablets

CYA-test photometer reagent tablets.

Pool-i.d. Alkalinity Photometer Tablets

Alkalinity photometer reagent tablets.

Pool-i.d. Calcium Hardness Photometer Tablets

Calcium hardness photometer reagent tablets.